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Posted Mar 27, 2017 11:35 (GMT +7)

Kitakyushu City & Shimonoseki City to Launch Net Video on Japan's Kanmon Strait

Crisis in the Kanmon Strait!

Countdown on the Official Tourism Sites of the Kitakyushu City and Shimonoseki City Reaches Zero on March 27 (Mon)
What caused the giant puffer fish to get driven towards shore?

Kanmon area promotional video: "Monster of the Strait" Episode (Launches March 27)

KITAKYUSHU & SHIMONOSEKI, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- On Monday, March 27, 2017, the Kitakyushu City and Shimonoseki City released a new internet video aimed at attracting more visitors to the Kanmon area. The Kanmon Strait is a narrow body of water that runs between Moji in Kyushu and Shimonoseki in Honshu, and is one of Japan's three fastest tidal currents, ranking just behind Naruto and Kurushima straits. Due to the influence of ebb and flow of water bodies on adjacent sides, the current of Kanmon Strait changes direction four times in a single day.

The new video convincingly portrays the grandeur and extraordinary power of Kanmon Strait, as an enormous sea monster emerging near it attempts to attack the city, but is instead swallowed up in the strait's powerful whirlpool.

Through the video, the Kitakyushu City and Shimonoseki City aim to increase awareness of the appeal of the Kanmon to potential visitors from all corners of the globe–regardless of domestic or abroad–and to serve as a branding effort that will encourage more people to visit the area.

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