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Posted Jan 30, 2017 14:38 (GMT +7)

KBank Building on Strengths to Uphold Top Position in Customers’ Minds

KASIKORNBANK (KBank) has launched new synergies in customer service to three customer segments offering even better service quality. They also aim to achieve 4-6 percent growth in corporate and SME loans during 2017, and 5-6 percent expansion in their retail customer base to 14.1 million individual accounts. Mobile banking application customers are targeted to reach 7.1 million accounts. Overall, KBank is working toward being number one in customers’ minds.

Mr. Patchara Samalapa, Senior Executive Vice President, has been assigned to supervise three business divisions, i.e., the Corporate Business Division (CBS), SME Business Division (SME) and Retail Business Division (RBS), currently jointly under the responsibility of KBank three Presidents, to enhance responsiveness to each customer segment and boost connectivity between the business and retail customer segments. The ultimate objective is a better customer experience for all.

Mr. Suwat Techawatanawana, KBank Executive Vice President, has unveiled that the Corporate Business Division (CMB), which serves large business clients, has exhibited exceptional performance. At the 2016 yearend, total loans and total revenues stood at 511.7 billion Baht and 21.4 billion Baht, up 9 percent YoY and 7 percent YoY, respectively. Loan growth is targeted 4.6 percent in 2017, with revenue growth of 1-2 percent. Industries with good potential include tourism, construction, healthcare and automobiles.

KBank views that it will be important for corporate customers to raise funding via capital markets to capitalize on new opportunities, allocate money for research and development that could devise innovations for more efficient business management, and to increase their market viability via greater customer access. In 2017, CMB is adhering to a concept of maintaining their customers’ trust as their “Main Bank” via two strategies, i.e., to be the ‘best funding source’ with a variety of funding mobilization tools, and to be the ‘best financial transaction service provider’ that empowers customers’ payment choices using cutting-edge technologies and innovations. These strategies should raise the competitiveness of customers and their value chains, thus facilitating large volumes of transactions, 24/7, in AEC+3 currencies and other forex choices.  

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According to Mr. Surat Leelataviwat, KBank Executive Vice President, SME Business reported total loans of 657 billion Baht in 2016, beating 2015 by 6 percent with total revenues of 43.1 billion Baht, up 1 percent YoY.  KBank remained at the top ranking with a 28-percent share of the SME loan market. In 2017, growth targets for loans and revenues are 4-6 percent and 2-3 percent, respectively. Promising industry outlooks are seen in construction, tourism, healthcare and online business.

During 2016, KBank closely supervised clients throughout their value chains, upstream to downstream. Three key businesses under KBank supervision include consumption, heavy industries and infrastructure/energy; they were provided with long-term and working capital loans, plus other value chain assistance and incoming/outgoing cash management, benefiting them with greater funding access.

Emphasis this year remains on reaching the top position in the overall loan market and building the largest service network. Customer care will be offered via three main strategies:

More Comprehensive Solutions for SME customers: KBank has developed financial products that are customized to particular clients – including franchise operators – while maintaining a focus on supply chains. KBank also offers business intelligence plus other tools and technologies for more efficient business administration, including the fostering of partner networks to aid their advancement and give greater value to customers.

Development of Digital Banking Innovations: KBank innovations are aimed at enhancing efficiency in customers’ businesses toward payments in/out, international trade and letters of guarantee via digital channels. Digital products have been devised to meet online business demand.

Staff Efficiency: This has been increased via the use of technology to cut costs and deliver a better customer experience.

Ms. Noppawan Jermhansa, KBank Executive Vice President, says that retail business performance targets for 2016 were met, and that that performance was on par with the overall market. Total loans and total fee income amounted to 374 billion Baht and 31 billion Baht, growing 2 percent YoY and more than 1 percent YoY, respectively. RBS aims to introduce advanced products and services that will denote “greater service excellence” and toward being customers’ “Main Bank” in 2017. They will also seek to expand cooperation with partners to boost financial services in four fields:

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Digital Banking: New features will be developed for their mobile banking platform – K-Mobile Banking PLUS – to allow for 24/7 transactions anywhere. A novel feature to be introduced this year will be a self-issued debit card, without having to go to a bank branch to process one.

New Payments: To reemphasize their leadership in payment acceptance service, KBank was the first commercial bank to enter into cooperation with Alipay and WeChat. Joining with these world-class partners, merchants can receive payments for goods and services from Chinese visitors to Thailand. Alipay payment service is now available at leading retailers, e.g., Central and Robinson Department Stores, as well as with other brands within the Central Club 21 Group and Jaspal Group. Meanwhile, WeChat service is now in use at King Power. More new services are to come in 2017.

K-Service: Another KBank innovation is seen in a new payment acceptance service jointly launched with partners. In February, bill payments can be processed at Jaymart branches across the country. Such services are now nearing readiness with other partners.

Advisories: KBank has upgraded their advisory services with broader service channels to include within K-Expert, along with higher service efficiency comparable to world-class benchmarks.

In 2017, KBank aims to achieve 5-6 percent growth in their retail customer base to 14.1 million persons, plus 7.1 million mobile banking application customers to maintain their top position in digital banking services.

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