Hong Kong Tourism Board Launches “Live Out the Cinematic Hong Kong” at the Cannes Film Festival

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Posted May 20, 2024 18:04 (GMT +7)


Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) on proudly unveiled new docufilm “Hong Kong Classics Reimagined” on Friday (17 May) in Cannes, France. Premiering during the Marché du Film at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, the 60-minute showcase pays homage to classic Hong Kong movies while igniting the wanderlust of film lovers around the world. In conjunction with the premiere of the docufilm, HKTB is excited to unveil a dedicated movie tourism guide on its official website. This comprehensive guide showcases how travellers can transform their cinematic inspiration into unforgettable experiences in Hong Kong.

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(Photo credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board)

(Photo credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board)

A tribute to the greats

“Hong Kong Classics Reimagined” is a celebration of the rich legacy of filmmaking in Hong Kong. Comprising six short films across genres including thriller, action, comedy, kung fu, romance and art, the 60-minute showcase offers a captivating window into Hong Kong's unique charm and vibrant cultural heritage in full cinematic glory. Each of the shorts was inspired by some of Hong Kong’s most iconic films and cinema moments, re-imagined by six different directors as a tribute to the city’s most legendary filmmakers. The shorts feature some of the biggest established and emerging names in contemporary Hong Kong film – including superstars Sylvia Chang, George Lam and Karen Mok – and were filmed at some of the city’s most recognisable locations. Following its premiere, “Hong Kong Classics Reimagined” will continue to inspire audiences worldwide as it becomes available online.

Dr Pang Yiu-Kai, Chairman of Hong Kong Tourism Board says, “The influence of movies reaches far beyond entertainment, igniting travel inspiration and desire. Through “Hong Kong Classics Reimagined”, we pay tribute to timeless classics in Hong Kong's cinematic history and revitalise them with a fresh burst of energy. We hope to inspire audiences from around the world to bring their cinematic dreams to life, creating unforgettable experiences in the captivating city of Hong Kong.”

Award-winning actress Ms Sylvia Chang, who plays the lead role in one of the shorts in the docufilm, shared her experience of the project. She expressed that she had a deep appreciation for the beauty of Hong Kong throughout the filming process with director Man. She mentioned that Hong Kong's urban areas and suburbs are closely connected, and within just a few tens of minutes, one can travel from the bustling city to beaches, countryside parks, and reservoirs, all of which boast beautiful scenery. She further expressed, "I have always regarded Hong Kong as a blessed place, and I hope that visitors to Hong Kong will not only engage in shopping but also discover the scenic beauty it has to offer."

Veteran film producer Joseph Chan Sinn-Gi, who was responsible for producing four of the short films, mentioned that he has lived in Hong Kong from childhood to adulthood and has a deep love for every detail of this city. He expressed, "I hope that visitors can come to Hong Kong frequently, create joyful moments, discover different opportunities here, experience Hong Kong's flexible and vibrant side, and enjoy the delicious food and friendly hospitality."

From reel to reality

Emphasising the allure of movie tourism in Hong Kong, the digital movie tourism guide seeks to inspire travellers to experience the beauty of the city beyond the silver screen, via a curated selection of experiences that allows them to recreate the magic of some of Hong Kong’s most iconic movies. Whether taking the iconic Star Ferry to share a romantic moments like Sylvia Chang and George Lam do in the docufilm, listening to records at a stereo shop in the vibrant creative district of Sham Shui Po to re-enact the famous scene in Infernal Affairs, taking an open top bus to retrace the footsteps of the actors on a motorcycle to drive through tunnel in Wong Kar Wai’s Fallen Angels, or participating in a martial arts class as a tribute to legendary kung fu master Bruce Lee, travellers are invited to be enchanted by the city’s cinematic charm in real life.

For more information on “Hong Kong Classics Reimagined” and to explore the captivating world of movie tourism in Hong Kong, please visit the official website to start planning your next adventure.

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“Live Out the Cinematic Hong Kong” Launch in Cannes:


“Hong Kong Classics Reimagined”:



A synopsis of “Hong Kong Classics Reimagined”

Executive Producer | Silence Leung



Hong Kong

Classic Movies

mentioned in

the Docufilm


locations of

the short film




Fallen Angels

M+, Pottinger

Street (Stone

Slabs Street),

Soho Central

Producer: Joseph Chan Sinn-Gi

Director: Wing Shya

Featuring: Karen Mok


Déjà vu

Infernal Affairs,

One Nite in


Hi-Fi Shop,


Producer: Cora Yim

Director: Lawrence Kan

Featuring: Ling Man-lung, Stanley Yau, Angela Yuen


La Rose

Noire Vs La

Rose Noire


Black Rose



Producer: Joseph Chan Sinn-Gi

Director: Kenji Tanigak

Featuring: Charlene Choi, Gillian Chung, Kenny Kwan


Passion Call

The Private

Eyes, Fight

Back to School

Temple Street

Producer: Julia Chu

Director: KK Wong

Featuring: Lam Ka Tung, Locker, Cheung Siu Fai

Kung Fu

The Raw


Eight Taels of



Producer: Joseph Chan Sinn-Gi

Director: Lemon Liu

Featuring: Sammo Hung, Michelle Yim, Kevin Kam-Yin Chu



In Time

Passion, A

Moment of

Romance, An

Autumn's Tale

Star Ferry

Producer: Joseph Chan Sinn-Gi

Director: Man Lim Chung

Featuring: Sylvia Chang, George Lam

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