Japan's Friendship Ties Programs JENESYS 2019 ASEAN Inbound Program 10th Batch

Category: Travel & Leisure
Posted Nov 6, 2019 08:19 (GMT +7)

Theme: Learning Japanese Language (Industry • Exchange)

Country: Thailand

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 05, 2019

Eighteen high school students from Thailand who are learning Japanese more than a year are scheduled to visit Japan from November 5th to 13rd as part of the Japan’s Friendship Ties Programs “JENESYS 2019” promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

Under the theme of “Learning Japanese Language (Industry • Exchange)”, through visiting Tokyo, Aichi, Mie, and Saitama prefecture, they will experience the international exchange program. Through the experience of visiting facilities related to the Japanese Industry, Japanese Culture, school exchange to interact with local students, and homestay with local people, they will have a better understanding of Japan and motivated on sustainable Japanese Learning.

Through this program, we hope the participants proactively share the appeals of Japan and other information after returning to home country and it ties the relationships between Japan and Thailand.

[For reference]: Japan Exchange Program JENESYS 2019

People with the ability and future mission to deliver messages between Japan and the countries and regions of Asia and Oceania are invited and dispatched in order to promote an understanding of Japan with regard to politics, economics, society, culture, history, foreign policy, and the like, and pro-Japanese people and experts on Japan are discovered in order to strengthen Japan’s message to other countries and expand Japan’s diplomatic foundation by having the guests and dispatches take the initiative to spread information about the diplomatic stance, appeals, and other facets of Japan.

Thailand (Schedule)

Tuesday, November 5


Wednesday, November 6


[Theme-related lecture] Japanese Diplomacy and contribution by Mr. Seiji Kojima, former Ambassador of Japan in Thailand

[Theme-related observation] Edo Tokyo Museum

Thursday, November 7

[Move] Move to Aichi prefecture

[Theme-related observation] Denso corporation, Takatana Factory

[Theme-related observation] Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry of Technology

Friday, November 8

[Theme-related observation/Exchange] Takata Honzan Senjuji temple, Mie Prefectural, Takata High School, Exchange with Glocal students ambassador

[Courtesy Call] Mie prefecture, government office

[Exchange] Mie High School

[Homestay] Taikicho, Wataraigun, Mie Prefecture

Saturday, November 9

[Homestay] Taikicho, Wataraigun, Mie Prefecture

Sunday, November 10

[Homestay] Taikicho, Wataraigun, Mie Prefecture

[Move] Move to Tokyo

Monday, November 11

[Exchange] Hosei University (Ichigaya Campus)

[Theme-related observation/Lecture] The Japan Foundation, Japanese-Language Institute

Tuesday, November 12


[Reporting Session]

Wednesday, November 13


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Inquiries about the program
JENESYS 2019 ASEAN + Timor-Leste Project Implementing Agency
JTB Kasumigaseki Operations Department
Contact: Junji Mise, Yutaka Shintani
TEL: +81-3-6737-9447 Weekdays: 9:00-18:00 (Closed on weekends and holidays)
[Email] jenesys2019asean@jtb.com

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