Charged Connected Covered: Autel Energy Supports Its Partners by Successfully Deploying Its MaxiChargers Across the Globe Accelerating Global Electrification and the Clean Energy Transition

Category: Technology
Posted Aug 3, 2023 20:49 (GMT +7)

SHENZHEN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 03, 2023

Autel Energy, a leading provider of innovative electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, is delighted to announce new deployments of its MaxiChargers spanning the globe, including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and IMEA (India, Middle East and Africa).

Autel Energy deployed its state-of-the-art MaxiChargers through its partners in each of these regions. The MaxiChargers installed at partner sites include the AC Ultra and DC Fast, providing electric vehicle drivers with fast and reliable EV charging. These sites have provided valuable opportunities for customers to witness and experience Autel’s seamless charging process, connect with shared electric mobility goals, and benefit from Autel’s exemplary localized and global services.

“We were looking for DC chargers to charge our electric buses and trucks. That was when we came across Autel's products. We were immediately impressed by the quality on display and decided to install their units at our facility," said Ryan Woon, Director of Hup Hin EV Technologies in Singapore. "Since the installation, our drivers have told us that the chargers are very easy to use. The chargers have also been very reliable.”

Autel Energy's success stems from its dedication to creating the ultimate one-stop charging solution, accelerating global electrification and enabling a sustainable future. By designing and manufacturing cutting-edge technologies and second-to-none charging solutions, Autel provides the world with reliable EV charging infrastructure, and leads by example in how to develop complete charging solutions and in building a green future.

Furthermore, Autel Energy's commitment to delivering both local and global services highlights its dedication to meeting the unique needs of customers in each region. With strategically positioned service centers and a strong network of authorized partners, Autel guarantees rapid customer support and enables Autel to provide tailored solutions that align with local regulations, infrastructure requirements, and market demands.

The latest deployment of Autel's MaxiChargers enhances partners' confidence and charging experience, cementing its position as the preferred choice for EV charging operators globally. Autel's unwavering commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction has enabled the company to gain the trust of customers and establish long-term partnerships worldwide.

“We are excited to announce our latest MaxiCharger deployments around the globe. Autel's dedication to localized service helps partners feel at ease, especially in after-sales service and maintenance. A commitment to reliable service allows for quick response times and on-site support,” said Kelvin Cao, Vice President at Autel Energy. "Through our partner sites, we have demonstrated our commitment to providing innovative and reliable charging solutions to customers around the world and helping partners achieve business success. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with them to shape the future of mobility, achieving more success in the years to come and accelerating the transition to clean energy. At Autel Energy, we've got you charged, connected, and covered."

As the electric vehicle market continues to experience rapid growth, Autel Energy remains at the forefront of the industry, poised to deliver cutting-edge charging solutions that revolutionize the future of mobility. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Autel Energy is dedicated to shaping a cleaner and more sustainable world through advanced charging infrastructure.

Get your complete one-stop charging solution here: https://autelenergy.com/pages/become-a-partner.

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