China Industry-University-Research-Medicine Shines at the Top of the World: BOTANEE 2023 International Skin Health Summit Closed

Category: Biomedical
Posted Jul 13, 2023 12:19 (GMT +7)


"In 2015, we made our first appearance in Vancouver WCD with the main brand WINONA. After eight years, WINONA has now become the leading brand of functional skin care products in China. Invited to participate in WCD for three times this year, we brought four core brands. I hope that after four years, it will bring new impacts to WCD in terms of academic, technical, clinical and social impact. " Guo Zhenyu, chairman and president of BOTANEE Group, said.

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2023 BOTANEE International Skin Health Summit (Photo: Business Wire)

2023 BOTANEE International Skin Health Summit (Photo: Business Wire)

During the WCD World Dermatology Conference in Singapore, BOTANEE Group held the 2023 International Skin Health Summit simultaneously, bringing its four brands WINONA, WINONA Baby, AOXMED and Beforteen to the world stage for the first time, showing the professional strength of China's leading dermatology enterprises.

Professor He Li, Executive Dean of Dermatology Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University, shared the experience at the summit. She said that the four-in-one whitening and freckle-removing products with skin barrier repair, anti-inflammation, pigment production reduction and microcirculation improvement can obviously improve the curative effect when used externally in the active and stable period of chloasma.

According to the existing epidemiology, the prevalence rate of atopic dermatitis in children aged 1-7 years in China is 12.94%, and the prevalence rate of AD in infants aged 1-12 months is 30.48%. Professor Ma Lin, director of dermatology department of Beijing Children's Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, pointed out that WINONA Baby Cream can be used as a routine emollient to protect children's AD in remission, which can significantly reduce the risk of recurrence of children's AD in maintaining the therapeutic effect.

With the continuous iteration of the efficacy skin care market and consumer demand, BOTANEE has also been committed to promoting brand building. Thereinto, AOXMED is the ingenious research and development of BOTANEE for more than ten years. It insists on exploring cutting-edge technology and evidence-based science for the two major consumption scenarios of medical beauty and daily life, and provides skin rejuvenation solutions connecting medical beauty and home beauty in series.

At the end of the forum, experts discussed how to make the acne diagnosis of high-level doctors sink to the grassroots level. In this regard, Beforteen has given a solution. As a brand-new acne brand launched by BOTANEE, Beforteen and the team of experts have conducted case studies on more than one million cases, and combined with the AI consultation session, they can provide users with personalized "food+medicine+makeup" according to different types of acne.

According to BOTANEE's 2022 annual report, the company invested about 255 million yuan in R&D expenses, up 124.96% year-on-year, and the R&D rate reached 5.08%. This year, the new central factory of BOTANEE, which cost nearly 500 million yuan, has also been officially put into operation, further escorting its brand product quality and sustainable development.

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Wu Ling
Email: wuling@winona.cn
Website: https://www.botanee.com.cn/index.html

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