5minlab’s SMASH LEGENDS Unveils New Legend ‘Maya’ in Update

Category: Entertainment
Posted Jul 6, 2022 11:19 (GMT +7)

Releases a new vanguard ‘Maya’ as the 28th legend

Starts the 2022 Summer Festival event for the summertime

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jul. 06, 2022

5minlab (CEO Moonhyoung Park), an independent studio of KRAFTON Inc. (KRX: 259960) (CEO Changhan Kim), announced on July 6th that their real-time PvP action game SMASH LEGENDS will release ‘Maya’ through the July update.

5minlab’s SMASH LEGENDS Unveils New Legend ‘Maya’ in Update. (Graphic: Business Wire)

5minlab’s SMASH LEGENDS Unveils New Legend ‘Maya’ in Update. (Graphic: Business Wire)

As the 28th legend, Maya is a vanguard that rides a big robot and charges into the enemies, offering quick mobility with its ultimate skills of leaping and charging forward.

If players purchase Smash Pass Regular Season ‘Chapter 3: One Day I Encountered the Prince of My Dreams’ that starts with the new update, they will be rewarded if they get to stage 10.

Also, the 2022 Summer Festival event starts in the summertime. During the event period, the background and sound of the in-game lobby will change to a summer beach theme, with items on the map including water balloons, tropical juice, and ice cream. There will also be summer-themed skins available. If players wear them, the in-game effects will change.

Moreover, the duo touchdown that could only be played in the Arena Lab before was registered as an official mode now. The duo touchdown is a 2 vs 2 mode where the team that gets the escorted target to the destination before the opposing team is crowned the winner. As it has become an official mode, massive balancing changes to legends were also conducted.

For more information about the update, please visit our official website and check in the game.

SMASH LEGENDS Official Website: https://smashlegends.com/

SMASH LEGENDS YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/SMASHLEGENDS

SMASH LEGENDS Discord: https://discord.com/channels/691836763890647120/694409158694273055

SMASH LEGENDS Library: https://en.smashlegendslib.com/


Hyunjin Choi

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