Hytera PoC Solutions Enhance Safety and Protection for Private Security Industry

Category: Technology
Posted Jan 4, 2021 13:04 (GMT +7)

SHENZHEN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 04, 2021

Hytera PoC solutions are designed to help the private security industry ensure the safety and security of buildings, valuables and people by patrolling, securing and monitoring premises, guarding cash or other valuables in transit, and protecting VIPs.

Safety is the top priority. Security guards must react quickly to threats and perform their jobs effectively without compromising the safety of property or personnel. Therefore, instant and efficient communication is essential.

How PoC solutions meet the requirements of the private security industry

Many security guards work at fixed locations such as transport hubs, power stations, offices, education centers, hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores and residential buildings. For these security guards, dedicated Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) networks or Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) solutions provide reliable, instant group communications to ensure a rapid response to any threat.

For organizations with limited budgets that cannot always afford to deploy a dedicated PMR network, PoC solutions provide a cost-effective alternative without the need to invest in any network infrastructure, for this is already provided by mobile network operators.

To ensure the safety of the working environment, it is often necessary to real-time monitor and record the on-site situation. However, fixed CCTV coverage often has blind areas, so mobile surveillance patrols by security guards are needed to fill the gaps. PoC radios and body-worn cameras can capture what happened during an incident and provide video and audio evidence afterwards.

For security guards working in mobile roles such as the close protection of VIPs or the transportation of valuables, the main difficulty is ensuring reliable, instant communications with team members and the office while in transit.

PoC overcomes this problem by providing wide area coverage and seamless group communications over 3G/4G. PoC also provides dispatchers with greater situational awareness in emergencies, for 4G supports video streaming from the scene of the incident. GPS locates assets in the field in real time, which allows dispatchers to more effectively manage the situation and minimize escalation.

Hytera PoC solutions offer a robust and effective communication system and mobile surveillance solutions for the security industry, as 3G/4G networks provide seamless worldwide communications.


Shaowa Cai

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