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Posted Jun 26, 2019 11:19 (GMT +7)

You Bank the World’s First Digital Asset Banking Platform Presented at the Washington Elite AI Blockchain Summit


The Washington Elite AI Blockchain Summit was held at the Convention and Exhibition Center in Washington, D.C. You Bank, a digital asset banking platform, participated in the summit and delivered a speech. Following its appearance in the European market, You Bank landed in the United States to gradually build a global layout and create the "Federal Reserve" of the digital world.

The Federal Reserve in the Digital World

You Bank, headquartered in Singapore, was founded by the Richmond family, one of the nine Jewish families, which was known as the Rothschild family in the digital world. Daniel, Global CEO of You Bank, the Digital Asset Banking Platform, attended the conference and delivered a speech on the first day. He introduced that the original intention of You Bank was to establish a digital bank which could operate in the world in the digital economy era. It covers digital asset management, digital asset trading, global asset allocation, digital fund, digital trust, digital asset insurance and other comprehensive services. You Bank Digital Asset Banking Platform is committed to providing global users with "one-app-for-all" digital asset management and financial services, becoming the "Federal Reserve" of the digital world.

5 Profitable Functions Eliminate Bubbles to Achieve Value Preservation and Appreciation

The essential differences between You Bank Digital Asset Bank and other wallets lie in the profit model and bubble-eliminating capacity. The You Bank teams have experience in arbitrage of global financial extensions. Through A. high-frequency quantitative transactions B. digital money lending C. digital money payment D. non-performing assets processing E. listed company merger & acquisition and asset restructuring, the professional international financial capital operation teams can create the most abundant asset returns for users worldwide.

Really Anchors the Value of Digital Currency

In addition, You Bank is the first and only platform in the world that can anchor the value of digital token. Digital money closely anchors the long-term value of You Bank’s global ecosystem, and holding You Bank’s digital assets can continuously generate high value returns. You Bank’s global economic ecosystem allows blockchain assets to generate high growth returns, creating a platform which highly anchors the value of all digital currencies around the world.

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