Firetinas: Is Your Telethermographic Scanner Accurate to Screen COVID-19?

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Posted May 25, 2020 11:49 (GMT +7)


Firetinas thermal scanner breaks the track record of infrared temperature measurement by 0.1 degree precision in third party laboratory report.

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Is Your Telethermographic scanner accurate to screen COVID-19? (Photo: Business Wire)

Is Your Telethermographic scanner accurate to screen COVID-19? (Photo: Business Wire)

Infrared temperature measurement is so far the best COVID-19 screening method. After-covid reopen, Firetinas thermal scanner is widely used in schools, hospitals and transportation terminals. However, 50% of the user is complaining about the accuracy of thermal scanner to be inaccurate. Some thermal scanner display body temperature to be 1 degree temperature shift. FDA suggest selecting thermal scanner with precision higher than 0.5 degree precision.

Most thermal scanner cannot reach 0.5 degrees precision in 2 meters range because thermal scanner is severely influenced by background temperature. Only a few professional thermal scanner incorporates a blackbody to reflects the environment temperature fluctuation. Firetinas thermal scanner develops the first build-in dual blackbody to reach high temperature precision. This dynamic dual blackbody measures and adjusts temperature 100 times every seconds at 0.01 degrees . The latest third party Lab report from GRG Metrology & Test shows Firetinas is the first thermal scanner reaches 0.1 degrees precision.

Also, Firetinas build in a 6 core CPU and 4 core GPU plus a NPU with 3 trillion calculation capacity every second. that's why Firetinas measures more than 30 people's temperature at the same time. Its unique distance compensation algorithm extends the measurement distance up to 10 meters.

Firetinas thermal scanner is developed by a group of scientist from UK and it is now widely used in schools, hospitals and terminals in USA, Australia, Italy and China. Firetinas is looking for local distributors oversea. Clients who is interested may contact Allen.

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