KBank unveils “Worry-Free Insurance”, full-coverage life insurance plus health rider to meet health-conscious trend amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Category: Advertising
Posted May 27, 2020 10:19 (GMT +7)


imgKASIKORNBANK (KBank) has reinforced its strategy of helping people of all walks of life, especially low- to medium-income earners – numbering around 16 million – to gain access to quality health insurance with full coverage at an affordable price.

KBank has launched full-coverage life insurance plus health rider under the “Worry-Free Insurance” program that can meet the needs of the general public, employees and the self-employed aged 21-60 who have become more health-conscious in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This life insurance product offers medical coverage of up to 500,000 Baht/occasion, with no limit of hospital visits, covering general diseases, terminal illness and COVID-19. With insurance premiums starting at 13 Baht/day, customers can choose to pay a monthly premium at an affordable price to ease their burden, especially low-income earners. Application for this life insurance product can be done easily online with no need to go to a bank branch, and approval is granted immediately. 

The “Worry-Free Insurance” life and health insurance is a risk-management aid, which seeks to establish health security and allow the insured to cover medical expenses – increasing 6-8 percent annually – as well as provide coverage for new diseases that surface every year, like the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Six coverage plans are available, with each tailored to a wide range of customers, including office workers with company health benefits, customers who already have life insurance but want to purchase this product for further protection, and the self-employed who have no welfare whatsoever.

The privileges include medical coverage of up to 500,000 Baht, with no limit to the number of medical treatments. The insured can also choose coverage starting from the first Baht of medical expenses, or enjoy a lower premium by using their own welfare benefits to pay the first 20,000 Baht of medical expenses. In addition, this insurance provides protection against COVID-19, PM 2.5-related illnesses, and many chronic and general diseases. Interested persons can easily apply for this insurance online without a medical checkup, via https://kbank.co/2zVQJoi. For more details, please contact any KBank branch or call 02-888-8888.

In March 2020, KBank provided a COVID-19 insurance policy with a coverage period of 90 days to more than 700,000 customers who registered for the privilege.

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